Year in Review: 2020 at Stairway

learning Dec 22, 2020

2020 has not been a typical year - never would we at Stairway have predicted at the start of the year that we would see exams cancelled and schools closed in the UK, due to a global pandemic.

And yet, we're grateful that we've been able to help support remote learning for both students and parents during this challenging time - hearing how we've helped you with your learning throughout the year is the reason we do what we do - to inspire the next generation of STEM learners!

"Stairway is an amazing learning resource which is straight forward and engaging. Nothing is over complicated and the lessons are everything you need to do well in your GCSEs. I’ve already recommended this app to a few of my friends!" - a GCSE student

Stairway has evolved a lot during the past year, so we thought we'd cast our attention back over the year, and mention some of the highlights!


In 2020, Stairway went from being a single-player experience, to a multi-player one! We added the ability to follow other learners in the Stairway community, and engage in some friendly competition via our Leaderboards

"Stairway Learning is amazing! It is free and has everything you need for Biology, Maths and Physics! Can't find a better resource than this! Thank you to the developers for creating a lifesaver! : )" - a GCSE student

Stairway for iOS

Earlier in the year, we launched Stairway for iOS. We've been featured by Apple a number of times, received many 5* reviews, as well as consistently appearing in the Educational Charts!

Stairway for iOS - over 500+ lessons to learn from!
Stairway for iOS


Less than a month ago, we launched Challenges, allowing users to compete in time-based events on Stairway, all with the purpose of furthering your knowledge of STEM subjects, such as Maths, Physics and Biology! Expect to see more STEM-themed challenges in 2021!

"My Son who is studying IGCSE for Maths and Physics is really enjoying the platform. He finds it fun and it teaches him things that he doesn't already know but it makes him understand the concepts better." - a Stairway parent

From everyone on the Stairway team, onwards to 2021!