We've raised £1 million to inspire the next generation of STEM learners

announcements Sep 18, 2019

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve raised a Seed Round of £1 million, led by Connect Ventures, and backed by some of the UK’s most successful technology entrepreneurs.

Charles Williamson and Oliver Hunt, the founders of Stairway

Who are we?

We’re Charles and Olly, the founders of Stairway!

We founded Stairway with the aim of creating an experience which inspires the next generation of learners to engage with STEM* subjects, while increasing accessibility of high quality education to everyone, regardless of their background.

We began discussing our thoughts about education together while we were both studying in London — and in October 2018, we began taking our passion for STEM subjects and building a learning experience that students love. We spoke with hundreds of users to understand common frustrations amongst students, and set about solving them.

In March this year, we took a step on this journey, launching our learning experience for Maths. Since then, Stairway has been used around the world to help students learn Maths — learners have been using Stairway at home, in the classroom or even filling spare time using Stairway on mobile. We’ve had students in the UK improve their grades 🎉, gaining confidence with Maths and teachers integrating Stairway in their classrooms 🎓

Our Mission

But we don’t want to stop there!

We’re on a mission to create a digital personal tutor, accessible to anyone from anywhere. We strongly believe that learning can be both enjoyable and effective. At Stairway, we put the learning experience for our users at the centre of everything we do.

With technology, we’re now able to create an effective learning system which scales across the globe, personalised to each individual. We aim to design a learning experience which motivates and engages students, and connects them with each other to enable students to learn collaboratively.

What’s next?

We’re just getting started on our journey.

As a result of our recent funding, we will be expanding our range of content, building new features to enhance the learning experience and pushing towards our mission of improving access to STEM learning.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more information on our plans — we’ve got many exciting features on the horizon to improve the learning experience for students.

You can get started here. We’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions you have. Reach out to us at support@stairwaylearning.com

Today, we’re also excited to launch Stairway for Schools! Since we launched earlier this year, we’ve had requests from both students and teachers to make it possible to integrate Stairway within schools. With this launch, this is now possible, and it’s already being used successfully within schools across the UK. If you’re a teacher, you can get started here.

Happy Learning!

Charles Williamson and Olly Hunt

* science, technology, engineering and mathematics