Learn with friends on Stairway

announcements May 6, 2020

Stairway’s mission is to inspire the next generation of STEM learners. Since we launched, we’ve helped students around the world to learn fundamental Maths and Science concepts. We’ve launched our iOS application so it is easier for people to learn, wherever they are, and we’ve launched Daily Goals, allowing people to learn better by building a consistent learning habit.

Learning can be challenging, and sometimes everyone needs a boost of motivation to keep them making progress. Students are already using technology to learn better with their friends - we’ve seen and spoken to students who use technology to motivate each other in their learning and help each other to push through challenges. Particularly at this time during lockdown, we’ve seen students connect and learn together to reach better outcomes.

Today we’re excited to launch User Profiles to Stairway, taking our first step to help students come together and motivate each other to achieve their individual learning goals.

Students can follow each other and compete to earn XP. Why not challenge your friends to complete a topic you’re struggling with and boost each other’s confidence?

We have many more exciting updates launching in the next few weeks! In the meantime, reach out at support@stairwaylearning.com if you have any ideas or thoughts