Student Spotlight: Imogen

Student Spotlight Jan 27, 2021

This week, we were excited to speak with imogenstudies_, a Stairway user and student. We discussed learning in lockdown (home learning), Imogen's favourite STEM subjects, and how Imogen has used Stairway for friendly competition using our Leaderboards feature!

How have you found learning during lockdown?

Learning during lockdown has been almost like being on a rollercoaster - sometimes I’ll have no motivation and struggle staying focused, and some days I get through all my work really quickly and do extra revision after school as well. It seems to depend on how much sleep I’ve had!

How have you motivated yourself to learn during lockdown?

Finding motivation during lockdown is something that I’ve had to learn to do. Personally, I like watching real-time ‘Study with Me’ videos on Youtube - the fact that somebody else is being productive forces me to be accountable for the amount of work I’m doing. I also find making a To-Do list and just starting the task helps, once I’ve done a couple of minutes of work I find it a lot easier to carry on.

What's your favourite STEM subject?

Chemistry or Maths are definitely my favourite STEM subjects. I love Chemistry because I enjoy learning about the world around me, and I also grew up surrounded by family members in STEM fields, which definitely peaked my interest. I enjoy Maths because I like there being a definite answer- and I like applying logic to solve a problem.

How did you first learn about Stairway?

I first learnt about Stairway through Instagram. A couple of my studygram friends mentioned it to me and I downloaded the app straight away, and once I realised that the app was a keeper I followed the Stairway Instagram account so I could stay up to date with new features and challenges!

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to your learning? How are you overcoming this?

My biggest problem with my learning is finding ways of learning and revising which I enjoy, so that learning doesn’t become repetitive and boring. To overcome this, I’m constantly trying out new ways of learning- finding out what works for me- whilst also mixing in elements from other ways of learning which I already know help me learn and remember information.

What’s one top learning tip you’d share for other Stairway learners?

Stick with it! No matter how you’re learning, I love the sense of achievement I get when I finally solve a problem, or grasp a concept I was struggling to understand. That sense of achievement I get motivates me to carry on, and ‘stick with it’ is one of my new mottos- I have a little postcard-size print with it on stuck on my desk!

How has Stairway helped you learn?

Stairway has been a great way as me revisiting topics I have covered in lessons, it was one of the main tools I used when revising for my mock GCSE exams, and it definitely helped me to achieve the results I did! I love how easy it is to use, and how I get a simple explanation of any questions I get wrong. The leaderboard also provides a sense of healthy competition- it’s one of my favourite features!

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