Stairway for Android

announcements Dec 21, 2020

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of Stairway for iOS. Being a student-centric company, we wanted to offer the best possible experience on mobile, given that many students use their smartphone as the primary way to connect to the Internet

Stairway for iOS, featured as App of the Day on the App Store

We've received a great reception on iOS, including being featured as App of the Day - we've loved receiving all of your feedback to the app, and this has led us to releasing a number of large updates across the year, including Achievements and Challenges.

Ever since launching our app on iOS, we've been eager to do the same on Android - and you certainly haven't been shy in letting us know!

We're excited to be sharing we're developing Stairway for Android, launching in early 2021.

You can register for our Android Waitlist now. The more people you refer to the waitlist, the sooner you'll receive early access to the app.


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