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revision May 2, 2021

Peer-driven learning during lockdown

The past year has been like no other within education. Schools around the world have closed and shifted rapidly to remote learning, doing their best to prevent students from falling behind.

We've spoken to hundreds of students, and have heard from many that their biggest support during this time has been from their peers.

Students have used technology to keep each other accountable, share interesting learning resources with each other, make learning more fun by both competing and collaborating with each other.

We've seen first-hand how they're using the new learning environment to also help teach their peers, and improve their own learning in the process. In fact, teaching others has been shown to improve learning outcomes in many studies.

And yet, despite all of the great ways in which students were learning together online, there are no good ways to do it. Students have been resorting to Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp as places to organise their collaborative learning, but told us how these tools are not a good solution to the problems they're facing.

At Stairway, we're focused on building the most student-centric approach to learning, and wanted to help!

"Stairway is an amazing learning resource which is straight forward and engaging. Nothing is over complicated and the lessons are everything you need to do well in your GCSEs. I’ve already recommended this app to a few of my friends!" - a GCSE student

Bringing Study Groups to Stairway

We're excited to have launched Study Groups to Stairway. You can already invite your friends to Stairway, and share with them the lessons that you've taken and the quizzes that you've completed. You can challenge them to specific quizzes, or help them when they're struggling

But we already have exciting plans for the future of Study Groups on Stairway; we envision a world where learners are able to connect and collaborate with others more easily. Students should be able to join diverse communities with shared interests.

"Stairway Learning is amazing! It is free and has everything you need for Biology, Maths and Physics! Can't find a better resource than this! Thank you to the developers for creating a lifesaver! : )" - a GCSE student

How can you access Study Groups?

  • If you're using Stairway on Web, you can access Study Groups via the Community page.
  • If you're using Stairway for iOS, you can download the app here, and create or join a Study Group via the Community Tab.


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