How to help your children while homeschooling

homeschooling Jan 28, 2021

Homeschooling can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be challenging. Especially for parents who are homeschooling as a result of COVID-19 and school closures, the prospect of homeschooling can be a daunting one.

We've put together some helpful tips for children and parents alike, who are homeschooling:

Remain active

It can be easy to move between your desk, the dinner table and the sofa while learning from home. It's important to exercise as much as possible - this can be as simple as going for a quick (socially-distanced) walk, or completing an at-home work.

In the UK, you can follow along the free workouts run by 'The Body Coach', Joe Wicks, or use one of many free fitness applications.

Use digital tools for your learning

Remote learning has led to a sharp increase in usage of online learning platforms. At Stairway, we've been busy: since lockdowns began, we've launched our iOS Application (with our Android app launching soon!)

"Stairway is an amazing learning resource which is straight forward and engaging. Nothing is over complicated and the lessons are everything you need to do well in your GCSEs. I’ve already recommended this app to a few of my friends!" - a GCSE student

Take time away from the screen

You're likely to be spending more time looking at screens while learning remotely, using online products and connecting to live lessons through video. Technology has the ability to have a great impact on your learning.

However, make sure you take time away from a screen at certain points throughout every day.

Create a routine

Shifting suddently from the routine of going to school each day to being more in control of your time can be challenging.

Spend some time setting out your morning and evening routines. Setting your day off in a strong way can give you the positive attitude and confidence you need to have a great day

Make the most of your time spent learning

Have a clear objective in mind when you start learning, and make sure you celebrate your progress once you've achieved your objective. If you're preparing for an exam, this might be focusing on some of your weaknesses, or if you're learning for interest, you might be excited to learn more about Climate Change, or how electric cars work.

"My Son who is studying IGCSE for Maths and Physics is really enjoying the platform. He finds it fun and it teaches him things that he doesn't already know but it makes him understand the concepts better." - a Stairway parent

As a bonus, here's a great learning tip from one of our learners, Imogen:

Stick with it! No matter how you’re learning, I love the sense of achievement I get when I finally solve a problem, or grasp a concept I was struggling to understand. That sense of achievement I get motivates me to carry on, and ‘stick with it’ is one of my new mottos- I have a little postcard-size print with it on stuck on my desk!

You can read more of our conversation with Imogen as part of our Student Spotlight series.

Have any tips you'd like to share with other students? Send them to us at - we'd love to hear them


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