How to use Stairway in the classroom

stairway-for-schools Feb 17, 2020

Since launching Stairway for Schools last year, we've seen teachers using Stairway in many different ways. Are you a teacher looking for some inspiration? Here are some suggestions!

Individually in the classroom

Are you able to access enough computers or tablets for the whole classroom to have one each? If so, you can create a classroom in minutes, send everyone the access code, and your students can be learning a topic in minutes!

With Stairway's Teacher Dashboard, you can view the classroom and individual scores at the end, to see how well the topics have been understood!

Collaboratively in the classroom

Don't have enough computers for everyone to have their own? No problem! Use Stairway with a whiteboard or one screen, and progress through lessons collaboratively as a class.

We've seen classrooms doing this, and it's great to increase the energy and motivation in the room 🚀

Setting homework assignments

If you want to ensure your class understand a topic covered during the day, why not set them a lesson on Stairway for the same topic? You'll be able to see how long it took, and whether they have truly understood the topic or not

Have other suggestions? Get in touch, we'd love to hear how you've been using Stairway


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