Creating a great user experience, for students

testimonials Oct 1, 2019

Since we launched a couple of months ago, we’ve been on a mission to create the best learning experience for students. In order to achieve this, we’ve spoken to as many students as possible, and got their feedback on Stairway, and continue to improve the experience of learning with Stairway even better.

As recent students ourselves, we wanted to make sure that Stairway is not only useful to students, but enjoyed by students! We’re only at the very beginning of our journey, but it’s been fantastic to hear what students have had to say so far. Some of their comments are below:

“Already better than any app or website I’ve tried before and totally telling my teachers and peers about it!”

“So good. Makes me revision 10 times better”

“The website looks great and is a lot easier to use than some alternatives

“I’ll be sure to send my friends the link to Stairway. Once again, thank you for creating the site!”

“It’s got such a wonderful layout! Thank you so much for making it, I hope to pass my maths using this.”

“I really enjoyed it and the mix of multiple choice and work it out yourself questions really helped to embed the information.”

“Very good site, would definitely recommend it”

“I think stairway is really REALLY good for enhancing my maths skills and making them better than they were before.”

“I’ve been using this since it launched and i can say it is very helpful and has helped me understand everything i struggled with”

“This is great and surprisingly enjoyable 10/10”

“Thank you so much, this helped me a lot as I didn’t understand Vectors before at ALL!”

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