Stairway for Physics

Jan 29, 2020

Our mission at Stairway is to inspire the next generation of STEM learners! Whether it’s learning what causes waves,  how an airplane is able to take flight; or why a siren changes pitch as it moves past: we believe that every student deserves to learn about the world around them, regardless of their background. Today, we're moving a step closer towards that mission. We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of our physics content 🎉

Physics - Launching Soon!

Why physics?

Over the last few months we have received lots and lots of feedback from students and teachers alike, and physics content was at the top of the list of things you really really wanted. We decided to make sure you got it.

What can I expect from learning physics on Stairway?

Of course we’ll be offering physics in the same interactive, personalised format as Stairway for maths, to allow students to learn in the most effective way.

Will I be able to access physics on the upcoming iOS app*?*

With the recent announcement of our iOS app, you’ll be able to learn from wherever you are - on the bus, on the go, on the toilet - wherever you feel like it, really! No more searching for physics terms on Google or carrying around a heavy physics textbook! 🙌

Will physics be supported in Stairway for Schools?Yes! With this release, we’ll be adding support for physics content within Stairway for Schools. Teachers will be able to set assignments for physics, so that students can complete them in the classroom or at home.

Will physics content be free?

Yes, our physics content will be 100% free when it launches.

When will it launch?

We’ll be launching our first physics topics on Stairway in mid-February, and adding further topics shortly after.

How can I be notified when it launches?

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