Announcing GCSE Biology on Stairway

biology Feb 19, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that we were launching Physics content - but you didn't think we would stop there, did you?!

Today we're excited to announce the upcoming launch of Stairway for Biology, another step towards our mission of inspiring the next generation of STEM learners and making STEM education accessible to everyone.

Why Biology?

We've had students asking for biology content ever since we launched last year. Biology is all around us, and with recent advances in biology such as advancements in CRISPR technology and breakthroughs in medicine such as the discovery of an improved treatment for cystic fibrosis, there's no better time to learn the foundational concepts to how the natural world works.

What will it cover?

We will eventually cover 100% of the syllabus for all GCSE exam boards. We will be launching with a few topics, adding additional topics over the next couple of months.

How do I access it?

As a Stairway user, you'll be able to access all of our biology content, seeing the content that is most relevant to your specific learning goals, for FREE.

Register now to get started with mathematics and physics, and be notified when we launch biology.

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