2019 - Year in Review at Stairway

Dec 30, 2019

At Stairway, our mission is to inspire the next generation of STEM learners.

In March of 2019, we launched Stairway, enabling anyone to learn Mathematics, aligned with the curriculum in the United Kingdom. Students have used Stairway at home, in the classroom and while travelling to understand fundamental concepts within Mathematics.

We’ve spoken with students struggling with confidence in Mathematics, who have been able to overcome this to gain a better understanding about a difficult topic, and students who have been able to gain great grades at GCSE, having used Stairway.

Stairway for Schools

With the launch of Stairway for Schools, we have seen the Stairway experience adopted in classrooms around the UK, as teachers have integrated our content library into their schools, as well as setting lessons to be completed as homework.

Looking ahead

In 2019, we took the first step towards our mission, but we’re incredibly excited about the plans and announcements that we have for 2020! Stay tuned for updates by visiting our website.